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​Satwant Agro Engineers is a leading Global player And full liner in Agricultural Machines for the Hydraulic Tipping Trolley , Hydraulic Non Tipping Trolley, Mud Loader, Paddy Thresher, Tubewell Boring Machine as well as other Tractor Driven Agricultural Equipment. With two locations in Punjab, company leads the industry in development and production of Agricultural Machinery for Soil Cultivation, Seeding, Harvesting, Threshing, Drilling & Transportation.
The family business has a 31 years history and is now under management of Third Generation. Innovation, Reliability, Enjoyable Collaboration and assisting the customer in finding the Most Economical Solution are the cornerstones of the Business Strategy at Satwant Agro. The company achieves a turnover of 300 Million INR with a close-knit team of 20 employees (2020).

Facts & Figures

  • 300 M turnover
  • 20 employees
  • 1500 machines produced on a yearly basis
  • 2 production plants: Bhawanigarh, Phaguwala
  • 80 dealers providing us with a nationwide presence, close to our customers


  • 1990- Founding of Satwant Agro: S. Mohinder Singh Kharay is interested in the technical aspect of the Agricultural Life. So at the age of 45,  he started out his own activity of welding and making trolley in his  workshop named Kharay Agriculture Works


  • 1990- First Tubewell Boring Machine:  Satwant Agro starts manufacturing the Tubewell boring Machine to overcome the problem of Water harvesting. Before this Tube Wells were drilled manually and consumes too much time. Satwant Tubewell Boring Machine helped the people in Punjab as well as other states. Thanks to its automatic working and drilling capacity.


  • 1992- First Trolleys and Zero Seed Drills: Soon after his Start Up, S. Mohinder Singh Kharay's son S Bhagwant Singh Kharay begins constructing Zero Seed Drills and Mud Loaders along with Trolleys.


  • 2000s- Potato Planters & Diggers: The Malwa Belt of Punjab has a strong fertile land. At that time , Satwant Agro is Born. Satwant agro focuses on redefining the technical approach and mechanization for Farmers. So Satwant Agro achieved a milestone with the introduction of the tractor driven Potato Planter and Potato Harvester aka Potato digger.


  • 2001- Relocation to Bigger company site: At the end of 2000s, Satwant Agro relocates to a larger site and facility in Bhawanigarh, in order to cope with with its continuous growth.


  • 2002- First Commercial Production: In Starting of the financial year, Satwant Agro started its first commercial production of our Product range.


  • 2002- Introduction of Satwant Harvester Combine: Soon after commercial production, Satwant Agro announced and expands the product range by manufacturing the Satwant Harvester Combine.


  • 2003- Expansion of Company premises: Satwant Agro Engineers expands its unit upto 1 acre and added plasma cutting for Smooth Operation and enhanced quality of Products.


  • 2004- Introduction of Straw Reaper, Mud Loader, Laser Land Leveler & Paddy Thresher: In the starting of 2004, Company expands its product range and introduced Four new Products named Straw Reaper , Mud Loader, Laser Land Leveler and Paddy Thresher and started commercial production of These products.


  • 2005- Commercial Production of Rotavator Starts: At the end of 2004, Satwant Agro further expands its product range and add up Rotary Slasher, Stub Cutter, Shrub Masterm, Cultivator, DIsc Harrow and Hydraulic Harrow to commercial production. We are the only manufacturer of Rotavator and all these products in the area at this time.


  • 2007- Introduction of BT Cotton Seed Drill, Maize Planter and Spray Pump: With the continuous growth of Satwant Agro's speciality, its product range is also growing year by year on the market demand. In 2007, We started manufacturing BT Cotton Seed Drill, Maize Planter and Spray Pump to enhance the efficiency of Agriculture.


  • 2009- Technical Upgradation of Unit: Satwant Agro Upgraded its manufacturing unit with latest techniques. Satwant Agro becomes global by exporting Mud Loader, Paddy Threshers, Laser Land Leveler and Straw Reapers.


  • 2011- Expansion of Unit: Doubled the manufacturing capacity and added on a line of Seeding Products. Satwant Agro is now in 3 Acres.


  • 2013- Production Capacity: Production capacity doubled in 2013


  • 2015- Largest Manufacturer of Mud Loader, Modified Trolley(Tipping & Non Tipping Trailer) & Paddy Thresher: Satwant Agro becomes Number 1 in Mud Loader, Modified Trolley and Paddy Thresher in terms of manufacturing.

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